Shifting form my old blog to this new one because the old site is not stable.Such a pity though. I’ve got so many things there.

But of course, it’s never too late to start afresh.
Here I go. My first entry here.


First stained glass design for myself, ever.
This is my current bedroom window, which i happily woke up to.
Well, not everyday since i’m away right now but still… it’s beautiful isn’t it?

The theme is dreamland. I put almost everything i like in.Didn’t have time to correct the paint but it’s ok i guess?


That’d be all.


until the next time,


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✻ Christmas girl. ✻ Major Dreamer. ✻ Fashion design graduate. ✻ Artist. ✻ Foodie. Blog to update daily life. Mostly about drawing, design, cosplay and some other random stuff.

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