So I’m 24 now.
Well, a few months back. Weird I didn’t upload on time last year, even though I wrote it.

23 suck so bad, but I’m grateful so many lovely people are by my side.
They made me get through this really hard time.
It’s day after day of boredom and reality hit you in the face, and so many attempts of trying to escape.

Other than that… I’ve been absolutely lazy with everything.
I’ve never been this lazy in my life. I sleep a lot more because it’s calming.
When I don’t feel like doing anything anymore I will sleep.

Remark on this special occurrence, just this December I discovered an other worldly lifestyle.
The one that I brushed it off a long time ago and never really thought about it.
Suddenly everything I ever did and said make sense. Kind of one of the biggest self realisation. This year I am able to define myself in a lot more terms.
All in all, the year sucks but a good end in a great way to end 2016.

Right now I’m exploring what I can with what I have.
What I know is I need more choice. And I have to make it happen.
Please pray for me to work this sloth away from myself.


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✻ Christmas girl. ✻ Major Dreamer. ✻ Fashion design graduate. ✻ Artist. ✻ Foodie. Blog to update daily life. Mostly about drawing, design, cosplay and some other random stuff.

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