Hello again.
Since my life is not much interesting anymore I figured out I could make my blog photo heavy too, you know.
I’m admittedly NOT a great photographer. I hate layout and graphic stuff too. Not my thang.

Anyways… It’s freaking April.
I got so much on this month. Day job, cosplay and original comic stuff.
I sleep (knock-out-cold actually) early and wake up a weird hour in the morning.
I kinda depressed and just not happy with some unknown reasons.
Life is weird at this period of time.

For the past months, in a day I…
Wake up > shower&whatever > breakfast > day job yeah > lunch > more day job to be done > walk my dog > exercise > shower&whatever again > light dinner > some housework > BAM it’s 10/11 > so soon I’m dead on my bed.
This cycle repeating until today. I have my own record of out cold with lights on consecutively 10 days.
10 freaking days. Not that it stopped. I just nox it some day.

I’m so tired I don’t even know why.
The only mentally and physically healthy part might be walking my dog and exercise.

On a better side, I eat a lot more in hometown. The most exciting thing of all, I took an ice cream making class!
I’ll be blogging with food photos soon.

Here I farewell with my doggy photos.



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✻ Christmas girl. ✻ Major Dreamer. ✻ Fashion design graduate. ✻ Artist. ✻ Foodie. Blog to update daily life. Mostly about drawing, design, cosplay and some other random stuff.

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