What a life

Hello all,

I never stop blogging for so long. For the past 7 years of blogging i will always write even if its only one entry for the month.

but now I’ve stopped for 4 months. What was i doing? The answer is graduation collection. THE graduation collection.
It take so much time and effort. Most of my life at that period was wake up, work, eat sleep and pretty much that only.

I really would like to do several entry about life in Sg and when i went to HK with classmate, but for now… later.

So many things happened during that time too. I draw a lot.
I did an art book to sell in comic convention which is a great experience and what i always wanted to do.
I read a books. Divergent series, The Lying Game series and some more pocket books.
While cosplay is on hiatus since my body condition is not ready.

What else… I don’t know. There are so much stuff to talk about and i’m kinda confused lol

The feeling of being graduated is not sink in yet… like its not over. Or maybe because i have been and still working hard on my main task on life.
It was studying but now it’s a real job.

What am i doing? Mainly stained glass designer and some glass painting job.

Here are some photos of what i did.


So yeah my life is forever busy and hectic. I will try to create more stuff and post here, both hobby and work.

See you later,



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✻ Christmas girl. ✻ Major Dreamer. ✻ Fashion design graduate. ✻ Artist. ✻ Foodie. Blog to update daily life. Mostly about drawing, design, cosplay and some other random stuff.

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