Semester Break!

Finally after another long tiring semester I got my break.
It got worst every time. I almost couldn’t survive this one. I need to work harder for next but now i need a break!

Of course I’m not the one to stay still. Some days I’d love to lay around doing nothing but most of the time i need to have something to do.
First off i assign myself a semester break hw: FINISH THE THESIS ESSAY for my own sake
Other than that i plan to

– Do the MMM book with Ms.Steven- Do Minoan Book
– Draw more (b&w inking and digital coloring)
– Read more (Thesis related, inspiration finding-researching, whatever i want to read)

That should be enough. Along the way i’d have to help my parents with the house business.
For the rest of the time is for lovely friends♡


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✻ Christmas girl. ✻ Major Dreamer. ✻ Fashion design graduate. ✻ Artist. ✻ Foodie. Blog to update daily life. Mostly about drawing, design, cosplay and some other random stuff.

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