Mini review of my basic lip colors

Mini review of my basic lip colors

Normally i’m not the one to put on any lipstick but sometimes i need to (mostly for cosplay)

This is my natural lips color. I have a very pale pink lips.

Now what do i use?

Holika Holika: Honey Bouquet Lips No.07 Calla Pink

I just bought this. Love the sweet smell and sticky honey texture help in moisturizing. Staying almost the whole day if i don’t eat anything LOL

Same shade of pink as my lips color, just darker. Good for nude look.

Etude House: Vivid Pop Stick No.07 California Girl

Bought this not long ago too. Not really the color i expected to be but still nice anyway.

First matte lipstick! The color last very long even if after i ate something. Of course it faded but still there.

But because of the matte texture so it’s quite drying?

Etude House: Plumping Lip Tint Red

Supposedly red but turned out Fusshia pink, which i blamed my pale lips.

Perfect for the gradient lip effect. Doesn’t stay for long (but it’s a tint anyway so never mind)

If not cosplay i use this the most often.

NYX: Lip Smacking Lss 511 Chaos

My fav! LOVE the redddd. Obviously not for everyday except its your signature look or you’re in the mood of fall.

It taste weird (soapy…) and very easily smudge. Still, i love red color.

The cat with no name?

Something my mom bought for me from London, even though its made in Korea (Evidence = Korea brand sign at the bottom LOL)

I like it a lot too but it doesn’t stay much, also smudgy. Such a pity for nice color.

This is my everyday face (with Red tint)

FYI my everyday face means no make up, not even makeup base or baby powder LOLThere’s so many assignment to be done i’m too lazy to do anything. Plus waking up is hard enough already. Therefore the face you see below considered pleasant.

Hey i mean i do put contact lens on and some lips color!  Not the normal pale face with big aunty glasses HAHA

As i mention earlier i have a lot of things to be done I must end this mini review here.

Hope i have a chance to do better review with complete different look next time.

Gotta gooooo


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